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Beau Bokan of Blessthefall Has A Message for the Bullies

Most of those that record with Musicians Opposed to Bullying tell their own personal stories of being bullied. Not Beau! Check out what he has to say to those that are bullies!


Confessions of a Dumb Blonde, Episode 1: F@#$ Bullies

Confessions of a Dumb Blonde is the autobiographical journey of Miss Guy, New York nightlife and music personality. A weekly web series, Confessions tells of the highs, lows, and in-betweens of making it in the greatest city in the world. Episode 1: F@#$ Bullies (Explicit)

Miss Guy is best known as a cutting-edge songwriter and solo artist, as the lead singer of Toilet Boys, and as “a pioneer in the DJ world” (Marc Spitz/Spin). Born in Southern California, Miss Guy grew up in the Rock scene of New York City with mentors including Deborah Harry and Boy George.

For more information on Miss Guy please go here.


ParaNorman – “You Don’t Become A Hero by Being Normal”

Have you gone to the see movie ParaNorman? Sorry I’m a bit behind the times here as I just found out about it but this definitely looks like a fun movie. Check out the little clip below:

Here’s what is written about the movie:

The movie follows Norman Babcock, a loner who doesn’t fit in with the other kids at school (or his normal suburban family). In fact, he doesn’t really mesh with anyone in his sleepy little town of Blithe Hollow; to all of them, he’s just the weird kid with a taste for the macabre. But what they don’t know is that Norman can communicate with ghosts, and that ability to speak with the undead will come in handy when an ancient witch’s curse befalls the town. Norman gets a spectral tip that he can stop the curse as long as he recites a passage from a dusty old book before sundown — and that’s when Alvin, an obnoxious bully comes along and messes everything up.


Anthony Raneri of Bayside Talks About Bullying

Check out what Anthony Raneri of Bayside has to say about being bullied and about bullying in general. You can catch Bayside and Anthony solo on the Vans Warped Tour this summer.


Blood on the Dance Floor Video for “Rise and Shine”

Today is the release date for Blood on the Dance Floor’s new album Evolution. The lead of track on that album “Rise and Shine” has a very powerful message and they released the official video for it today. Please watch this and share it.


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