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Featured In Memory Of M.Ø.B. Founder Courtney Campbell

Founder Courtney Campbell has lost her battle with cancer but her legacy will live on with M.Ø.B. and her anti-bullying message will continue to shine and make a difference in the world!

Uniting Thru Music

As a music industry we have come together in support of aid to Africa, Tsunami relief, the aftermath of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and Haiti relief, just to name a few causes. I believe it's time for us to preserve our future and help the youth of our nation. Bullying has gotten out of hand and needs to be stopped. I would like to have musicians/bands/artists record short public service announcements (PSA's) which we (Music Websites) can then host. I would like to also offer these to the radio station websites across our nation as well as post them on youtube for all to see.

The music industry has shown time and time again that it is a force to be reckoned with. When the artists themselves that the kids look up to give them hope, we might be able to prevail and put an end to this.

- Courtney Campbell (Founder of M.Ø.B.)

Amazing Artists Who Care About You

The incredible artists who are so gracious to offer their thoughts and words:   Click here to see a list of all of the incredible artist partners

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Is It Worth It?

We anxiously wait to see our town on a long list of dates a year away. We save every penny just to make sure we get a ticket the say they’re released. We start marking days off the calendars even as they drag on so slowly it seems time is standing still. We make plans […]

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Bec Hollcraft of Stars in Stereo Tells Her Bullying Story

We saw Stars in Stereo last fall on the Hardrive/Monster Energy Outbreak Tour and at that time approached Bec about recording a message with us. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get this done on that tour so we were excited to find out Stars in Stereo would be at Rock on the Range. Check out […]

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Ryan Hayes of Righteous Vendetta Has Some Encouraging Words

Check out what Ryan Hayes of Righteous Vendetta has to say. While this is not a message that says not to bullying, it is one that says to pursue your dreams. Never give up on them.

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Mark Zavon of Kill Devil Hill Joins M.O.B.

We caught up with guitarist Mark Zavon of Kill Devil Hill at Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio where he recorded this message with us. His messages speaks to those that bully.

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Dj Ashba Says You Are Not Alone

We welcome Dj Ashba to Musicians Opposed to Bullying. You know him as the guitarist for Guns N’ Roses and Sixx A.M. but did you know that he was bullied? His story like many others shows what a person can do for themselves. It’s true what he says, you are not alone.

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The Trip Velvet Joins M.O.B.

Having run this site for three years now, I love when I get emails from bands wanting to join us! Check out The Trip Velvet an alternative/pop-punk band from Vermont. Their current line-up includes Tyler Chase ( guitar/vocals), Barrett “Bear” Castle (guitar/vocals), Matt Weeks (bass) and they are looking for a drummer. Please check out […]

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Black Veil Brides – Unbroken

from Black Veil Brides: As you know October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, and to show our support to the ones negatively affected by bullying we created the “Unbroken” shirt. We compiled the photos we had you send in of you wearing the shirts and turned it into the “Unbroken” Lyric Video!!! THANK YOU for helping […]

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Nikki Misery of New Year’s Day Says You Have the Strength

We hear everyday how music saves lives and about fans telling their favorite artists how their music saved them. Music does have the power to empower a person. Check out what Nikki Misery has to say about that.

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Beau Bokan of Blessthefall Has A Message for the Bullies

Most of those that record with Musicians Opposed to Bullying tell their own personal stories of being bullied. Not Beau! Check out what he has to say to those that are bullies!

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Brian Dales of The Summer Set Says to Be the Best Version of Yourself

Did you catch The Summer Set on the Vans Warped Tour this past summer? We caught up with frontman Brian Dales at the Maryland stop and he had this to say about bullying.

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Why We Did This

"Fan forum comment aside, I loved this video. It's refreshing to see this EA come out. As much as I enjoyed her persona at one point, it was this EA that gave me strength. It was this EA that I related to. I also agree with most of what she said. I eventually found my inner strength by myself, but seeing this video would have helped so much when I was a kid. I'm glad that EA took out some time to speak about this as I'm sure it will be helpful to those that still struggle with being bullied." -PSA from Emilie Autumn

"I sadly Know exactly what this is like. I wear 7 inch platform boots, so i get called a prostitute. I wear lots of band bracelets and kandi, so i get called scene. I love BOTDF and BVB, i wear tons of eyeliner, & skinnys so i get made fun of for that. And basically to sum it up, i look different. I have like no friends. It sucks ass. Then i see Jayy and he gives me hope. He used to be bullied, and look at him now <3 SGTC for life <3" -PSA Jayy Von Monroe of Blood on the Dance Floor

** Taken from YOUTUBE Comments

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The Vans Warped Tour is a great place to meet people. While I was walking through catering and out onto the grounds I was talking to a girl who was headed to the non-profit area of the grounds. She asked about what we were doing on the tour and as I told her about Musicians […]

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12 Stones has posted on their website and facebook a video that speaks out about bullying. They have also created an area on their website where people can go to post their stories and share with one another. Great to see another band speak out on a topic that is in the forefront of their […]

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For more information, please visit these sites: Bullying Prevention Stop Bullying Now! www.bullying.org Where you are NOT alone! Do Something – Violence and Bullying

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